COVID-19 Update for Scantron Testing Candidates

Coronavirus Update: The following is a list of areas that are currently impacted by the coronavirus. Scantron will work to accommodate testing requests as quickly as possible when centers reopen. The list of site closures does not necessarily indicate that no testing is available in a particular city or area. Using the scheduling link in your Notice to Schedule, check the full list of sites for test centers that are open and available in your area.

CityStateVenueClosed BeginningClosed EndingDelayed Until
PhoenixAZNew Horizon of Phoenix06/28/2022 07:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
VancouverBCAdecco - Vancouver01/18/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
San DiegoCAPacific Safety Center12/19/2022 12:00 PM01/06/2023 07:00 PM 
San FranciscoCALearn iT!01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
PlantsvilleCTConnecticut Computer Services01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
DarmstadtDE-HENetwork People AG01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
JakartaID-JKPT. Trainocate Networks Indonesia11/14/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
East ChicagoINIvy Tech Community College - Lake County01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
New DelhiIN-DLKoenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd.03/31/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
BangaloreIN-KATrainocate Networks India Pvt. Ltd.01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
South BostonMATech Computers Inc.12/01/2022 08:00 AM01/31/2023 09:00 PM 
WorcesterMABonds Training and Testing Inc.10/01/2022 10:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
WindhamMEWindham/Raymond Adult Ed at Windham High School11/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
St. CloudMNSt. Cloud Hospital01/01/2022 08:00 AM04/30/2023 11:00 PM 
Fresh MeadowsNYHorizon Technical Consultants03/09/2022 08:00 AM12/30/2022 07:00 PM 
WestburyNYHTC Testing Center04/14/2022 09:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
CincinnatiOHGreater Cincinnati Northern KY Apt Assn12/16/2022 08:00 AM12/16/2022 09:00 PM 
Oklahoma CityOKMoore Norman Technology Center - South Penn Campus12/12/2022 09:00 AM12/13/2022 10:00 PM 
JeddahSA-02National Institute of Technology - MEN ONLY01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
SingaporeSG-X1~Cliftons04/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
SingaporeSG-X1~NTUC Learninghub Pte Ltd10/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
Prince AlbertSKSaskatchewan Polytechnic Prince Albert Campus01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 01:00 PM 
SaskatoonSKSK Polytechnic Saskatoon Campus Test Centre01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 01:00 PM 
MaslakTR-34BA-Works06/30/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
Farmers BranchTXSolid Testing and Training Center Dallas03/22/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 09:00 PM 
HoustonTXTactix of Houston12/13/2022 08:00 AM12/13/2022 08:00 PM 
DniproUA-12LLC Softserve-Consulting01/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM 
AlexandriaVASecureNinja (Insyte LLC)12/05/2022 09:00 AM12/05/2022 11:00 PM 
FairfaxVAGlobal Institute of Technology Services12/12/2022 08:00 AM12/13/2022 09:00 PM 
SeattleWAMathnasium of Downtown Seattle11/16/2022 07:00 AM12/31/2022 11:30 PM 
MadisonWIMadison College12/01/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:30 PM 
WhitewaterWIUniversity of Wisconsin - Whitewater11/11/2022 08:00 AM12/31/2022 11:00 PM